ShowPro Wi-Wi Box – Wireless Lighting Controller

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The WIFI BOX turns your mobile phone or tablet through the Koala app into a wireless controller giving you the freedom to control your Nitec or ShowPRO products from the palm of your hand.

The Wi-fi box features:

  • 2.4 GHz transmitter/receiver for wireless DMX control of UFI-enabled fixtures
  • Built-in receiver module enables control via UFI-enabled controllers
  • built-in module transmits 2.4G wireless DMX signal to UFI-enable fixtures
  • DMX XLR IN accepts signal from standard DMX controller
  • DMX XLR OUT sends signal to any DMX fixtures
  • Auto-discover feature enables convenient synching with fixtures
  • Manual or automatic channel selection
  • OLED display and menu navigation
  • Surface, truss and pipe mounting options